PFLPRO Success Story
Creative Consulting Design Group, Inc.
Creative Consulting Design Group
Jeff Murray, owner of Creative Consulting Design Group, Inc., uses (PFL) to sell printing services to his customers. PFL helps Jeff save time, money, stress, and the environment.
Jeff submitted an order for a 3,250 custom-print marketing piece to PFL for his client. After reviewing the piece, his Big Horn team realized there were errors: the photos were low resolution and the border spacing was not precise.
Jeff's client had done the design to save money, but the resulting errors could have been costly. The Big Horn Team fixed the borders and had Jeff's client resubmit the correct photos.
"You couldn't see this error in the proof, but it would have appeared in the end product," says Jeff. "My client was very thankful. He never would have noticed the error before seeing the final product."
"PFL beat everybody's bid and then some on this project, and working with them was incredible," says Jeff. "Other printers would have charged fees for each additional change and proof, but not PFL."
On a different print job, PFL helped Jeff save his client money.
PFL offered two options for mailing a marketing piece: first class and a less expensive bulk mail alternative. Jeff's Big Horn team member let him know that bulk provided the same service as first class, but just took a couple of days longer.
With this knowledge, Jeff was able to save his client $330 in postage. His client then used the money to upgrade their printing with a matte finish.
"I'm going to use this experience as an example to my other clients," says Jeff. "A piece may cost more to print, but by using PFL, you'll get a better quality product and know it's done properly."
"PrintingForLess guarantees their product. That's rare in the printing industry," says Jeff.
Jeff also uses PFL's environmentally friendly, employee-centric work practices to sell printing services.
"What PFL offers their employees keeps them happy, which comes through in their work." says Jeff. "I promote these things to my clients because it makes them think twice about what they're doing:
  • What kind of work life do they have?
  • How are they being environmentally conscious?
  • How are they making people happy?"
"You can rely on PFL," says Jeff. "You know their customer service team is there for you."
"PrintingForLess guarantees their product. That's rare in the printing industry."
Jeff Murray,
Jeff Murray,
Artist Threads, Inc.,
Creative Consulting
Design Group, Inc.
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