PFLPRO Success Story
Jerry West, a promotional products distributor with IpromoteU, uses (PFL) to increase revenue. By selling high-quality print services to his clients, Jerry made a 30% margin and increased his customer base for additional, unexpected profits.
Because of the extra costs and hassles of working with his local printer, Jerry could never afford to provide printing services to his customers.
Jerry turned to PFL for high-quality, customized printing services at a reasonable cost. He was able to quickly and easily provide his customers with letterhead, business cards, envelopes, catalogs, brochures, and other printed materials. This allowed him to:
  • Make a 30% margin
  • Impress his customers with quality, ease and speed of delivery
  • Sell additional marketing pieces to increase profits
"Instead of having to track someone down at a local printer every time I needed to speak to someone about my printing needs, one of my PFL team members was always there to answer my questions and deal with any issues immediately," states Jerry.
Results: PFL Helps Jerry Increase Profits
While processing a print job, Jerry realized that his client missed an error on their envelopes, and the marketing materials were being mailed to the wrong address. As soon as he realized the error, he contacted his PFL team member. In just three days, Jerry's clients received new envelopes with the correct address. PFL didn't charge for the reprint or mailing.
"This never would have happened with a local printer," states Jerry. "I never would've been able to get this first-class service, quality and fast turnaround. And because my clients were so happy with the results, they gave me an order for promotional hats and pins that I never would have received otherwise. This was an additional $500.00 profit for me that I wouldn't have had without PFL's great service."
For Jerry, selling print is very important. "It's like a hand in the glove," he states. "It would be crazy not to sell printing, because this opens up a whole new customized product to sell to customers. And with PFL, the turnaround is extremely fast. The price is right, and it beats local suppliers in my situation. PFL includes a great bunch of folks, and they do a great job!"
"This was an additional $500.00 profit for me that I wouldn't have had without PFL's great service."
Jerry West
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